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Happily Natural Day is about loving ourselves as African people, and changing our community as a result of that love.

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The Mission

Happily Natural Day is an afrikan summer festival dedicated to holistic health, cultural awareness and social change.

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For The People

Bringing communities together through arts and culture while serving as a platform for black liberation movements from all across the globe.

Why Happily Natural Day?

  • One of a kind vendors and exhibitors

  • Socially conscious artists and performances

  • Educational lectures and interactive workshops

  • Networking opportunities with grassroots advocates and community activists

  • Urban agriculture learning experiences on the farm

  • 17 Years of Dedicated Service To the Afrikan Community

Happily Natural Day Vending Opportunity

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Non Profit Booth


Merchandise Vendor


Happily Natural Day Venue: 5th District Mini Farm

Happily Natural Day Event Calendar