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Substance Over Image

Happily Natural Day is about loving ourselves as African people, and changing our community as a result of that love.

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The Mission

Happily Natural Day is an afrikan summer festival dedicated to holistic health, cultural awareness and social change.

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For The People

Bringing communities together through arts and culture while serving as a platform for black liberation movements from all across the globe.

Why Happily Natural Day?

  • One of a kind vendors and exhibitors

  • Socially conscious artists and performances plus Educational lectures and interactive workshops

  • Networking opportunities with grassroots advocates and community activists

  • Urban agriculture learning experiences on the farm

  • 17 Years of Dedicated Service To the Afrikan Community

Sankofa Community Orchard is Growing

The Sankofa Community Orchard is a twoacre food justice and climate resiliency space consisting of over 80 fruit trees on a vacant greenspace in the Southside of Richmond Virginia. Sankofa addresses critical community-expressed needs for fresh food access, mitigation of urban heat island effect, and opportunities to develop public horticultural workforce skills.

Historically, the larger portion of Richmond that is denoted as Southside exists as a result of its annexation from Chesterfield in the 1970’s; an effort to dilute African American political power. As a result of the annexation; there are fewer public greenspaces in Richmond’s Southside. In addition to the lack of public greenspace, Southside Richmond also has limited access to healthy food dependent upon where you live. The Sankofa Community Orchard addresses the need for public greenspace while simultaneously addressing the community need for food access through the installation of over 80 fruit trees and fruiting shrubs. 

Getting Involved w/ Happily Natural Day

Happily Natural Day XIX Vendors

Upcoming Events

Saturdays @ Sankofa Community Orchard

January 28 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Saturdays @ Sankofa Community Orchard

February 4 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm