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Few days ago I received the below question:
can you please explain how we can move about 2000L system 50km. how do we break down and assemble again without harming the fish and maintaining bacteria in the growbeds. Thanks
So here are the 20 Steps:
1. Stop feeding the fish 3 days before
2. Prepare a second tank for reception with air pumps and filtration if possible
3. Transfer the fish into eskis/buckets at low density with air pumps if possible
4. Once arrived, transfer the fish into the temporary tank and do not feed them
5. Remove the plants from growbed
6. Wash the media
7. Transfer the media into buckets/bags.
8. Empty the fish tank
9. Move the whole equipment to new location
10. Put the aquaponics system in place
11. Fill the growbed with media
12. Put the plants in place
13. Fill it with water
14. Turn the water pump on
15. Wait 4 hours (more or less) and siphon the bottom of the tank (if required)
16. Do a water test. If ammonia, nitrite and nitrate are below fish limits go to next step. If not, renew 70% water, wait for few hours and retest the water.
17. Introduce the fish back into the fish tank but do not feed them and keep the temporary tank in place for few days in case of emergency.
18. Do regular water test.
19. If after 24 hours the water parameters are ok, start feeding your fish with low quantity of food
20. If after another 24 hours the water parameters are ok, you can feed your fish normally and tap yourself in the back, congratulation you have transferred your aquaponics system.