Fabian Toro from https://www.instagram.com/darknectarcooperative gives me a tour of their vertical garden system that is powered by worms. It’s like hydroponics only worms provide some of the food, call it vermiponics. Each Food Mural is powered by the Worm Tap.

Learn more about the Worm Tap. https://youtu.be/mpnhkFiLcDg. The Worm Tap might be the easiest to use worm-composting system in the world. It and the worms do all the work. No time wasted sorting out castings. Just add scraps and get worm tea for your garden. The system integrates nicely with their food mural – https://youtu.be/2pAru2v4iLY Learn more about the inner workings in this video – https://youtu.be/SxidUidtibY

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