Discussing whether blacks can receive true justice in American courts, prisons, or in post-prison life, this special Black Journal episode examines America’s judicial system from a black perspective. Entitled, Justice? the presentation will include five segments: 1. The Courts: Legal experts examine the difficulties blacks face in American courts the virtual impossibility of receiving trial by pears; the systems tremendous backlog of cases; lack of money for competent legal assistance; and pressures to accept lesser pleas, among other problems. 2. Prison: In exclusive interviews conducted within the San Quentin and Soledad Prison in California, prisoners talk candidly about their lives in prison the dehumanizing conditions and racial pressures; their reasons for being there often poverty or lack of competent legal assistance; prisons failure to rehabilitate and adequately prepare prisoners for post-prison life; and the problem they face upon release which virtually ensure failure to establish normal, productive lives. 3. Angela Davis: At UCLA, where Angela Davis was ousted as a philosophy instructor, her lawyer, friends and professional associates discuss the events which led to her arrest and her current trial. Miss Davis is charged with murder, kidnapping, and conspiracy to smuggle weapons into the San Rafael (California) Courthouse last August 7 in an alleged attempt to free three black prisoners. The prisoners, known as the Soledad Brothers, were indicted for allegedly killing a prison guard. Miss Davis, now held incommunicado in the Marin County jail in California, appears in film segments made while she was at UCLA. 4. The Jackson Family: Mrs. Lester Jackson, mother of George Jackson, one of the Soledad Brothers and of Jonathan Jackson, who was killed in the alleged prisoner escape attempt, is interviewed along with other relatives, friends, and members of the Soledad Brothers Defense Committee. 5. Soledad Brothers: Lawyers defending the three Soledad Brothers George Jackson, Fiesta Durango and John Clutchette discusses the murder charge and tell why they consider the Soledad Brothers to be political prisoners.