Hi there folks. Have knocked together this Chop & Flip Aquaponic barrel system build which I think is a great way for you to cut your teeth growing your own Aquaponic produce in a small system. The compact nature of this system means that it would easily fit in small courtyards & most balconies/decks.
I’ve included a list of parts I’ve used bellow as well as links to videos mentioned in the clip above.
Would love to know how you go if you decide to have a crack at building your own.
0:57 Parts
1:04 Tools
1:13 Selecting the barrel
2:00 Marking, cutting & assembling the barrel
7:22 Plumbing up the Pump
10:49 Building & installing the bell siphon
17:06 Cleaning the grow media

Chop & Flip Aquaponic Barrel Parts List.
Names of parts may vary in different countries. If they’re not available in your area hopefully you can find a suitable replacement.
1 x 200L/50gal barrel
1 x 45L/12 gal (US) expanded clay

Siphon Parts
1 meter 20mm PVC pressure pipe
1 meter 90mm/3½” PVC storm water pipe
2 x 90mm/3½” PVC stormwater pipe end caps
1 x 25-20mm/1-¾” reducing coupling
1 x 20mm/¾” PVC valve socket fitting
1 x 20mm/¾” Bulkhead/Rain tank fitting
1 x 20mm/¾” PVC 90° faucet elbow
1 x 20mm/¾” PVC 90° elbow
1 x 50mm/2” Drink bottle Or 50mm/2” PVC Pipe & end cap to use as siphon bell

Pump & plumbing
1 x 20mm/¾” PVC “T” joiner
1 x 20mm/¾” PVC valve socket with “O” ring
1 x 20mm/¾” Barbed Nut & Tail with garden tap adaptor
1 x 20mm/¾” Barbed inline tap
1 x 20mm/¾” Barbed “T” joiner
1m/3’ of 19mm/¾” suitable kink free hose pipe
1000 lph/260gph aquarium pump. PLEASE NOTE Hose fitting on the pump will differ between models so check before buying plumbing parts.

Video Clips

Chop & Flip IBC build clip

Bell siphon how to clip

Setting up a grow bed & selecting grow media

Planting out in aquaponic media beds

How we release fingerlings

Growing sowing & planting guides

Aquaponic vlogs

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