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Video description
I was ashamed for month. It’s time to do something about it!
I highly focus on the style of my aquaponics systems. All my aquaponics systems are built in cypress wood. I choose this material because it is both strong and aesthetic. Yes, the design takes a bit more time than a simple plastic aquaponics but the positive impact on the backyard worth it. Not only the setup is efficient, but it is also a feature by itself.
Few months ago, I showed you how to build a swirl filter. I made it from a drum tank bought at the local handy shop. This swirl filter is working perfectly. It captures quantity of solids and limit my nitrogen level to increase too quickly. It also allow me to limit the frequency of grow-bed cleaning. I even made a step by step guide to build this same filter. You can have a free access from the free training link.
Anyway, when I built this swirl filter I wanted to have something efficient and thought I would fix the aesthetic in a second step. Like all provisory things, it always last longer than expected. Every time I saw this filter, I was ashamed by the poor plastic look. I finally found the time to work on it. I wrapped some hessian fabric around it and glued it. The filter is now almost invisible, I feel much better now . This technique can be used on a lot of systems. I myself transformed a whole IBC aquaponics with this technique I made it look nice. Let me know what the general look of your setup is in the comments. Will you apply this little inexpensive trick to your system and make it more aesthetic?
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