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Video description
Have you ever seen someone with no experience in architecture building a monument? Of course not and if this person try, it has all chances to fail.
You see when I receive those requests from beginners wanting to grow a commercial aquaponics farm, 9 times out of 10, those people have no experience at all in this field.
There is nothing bad with having big goals. It’s actually great. The only problem is being in a hurry. You see you need a minimum of time to learn aquaponics. This is a simple technique but it takes time and practice to build the necessary knowledge to master this art.
It would be easy for me to say “Hey let’s all start a commercial aquaponics system for retirement” but it wouldn’t be honest. It is possible to achieve but before you must start at small scale and learn this new skill. Has someone say, you need to sharpen your saw before cutting the wood.
I see too many people starting with large scale aquaponics and making huge mistakes. It cost them thousands of dollars and sometimes even more. I don’t want to encourage anyone to do that. My best advise is to start small with a good training and a small-scale project. Start with what is called a “Pilot project” where you will use the same techniques as in your large commercial scale project and see how it goes.
This is the only way to avoid wasting time and money. Starting small will allow you a soft transition to larger scale systems.
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