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Video description
Today we are going to Washington to visit Matt who built a very cute small scale aquaponics system. The system is composed of 3 parts:
A fish tank covered by a very aesthetic wooden frame. The fish tank volume seem limited to few dizaines of litres.
A swirl filter placed in height that will filter the water and allow to extract all heavy particles away from the system. If you want more information about the swirl filter see the video Here: and the free training to build your own system.
A Nutrient Film technique composed of PVC pipes in order to grow leafy plants on a limited surface. The NFT pipes are fixed on a wooden structure directly on top of the fish tank which allows to protect the fish tank from direct sunlight when the plants are grown.
Overall the setup is nice and ornamental. Matt applied smart aquaponics principles aligned with a very aesthetic touch. However the small scale NFT system will probably not be able to hold a significant quantity of bacteria living on the plants roots. This means that this type of systems are difficult to cycle and can’t hold a large fish biomass. I would recommend to add a flood and drain growbed to the system. It will allow a large quantity of bacteria to grow on the media surface and allow to transform the ammonia into nitrite and then in nitrate.
Congratulations Matt, you are on the good path to aquaponics success, few modifications will make your system efficient and productive 
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