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Bobby’s Picture Pack ($50)
PDF file of a collection of spiritual pictures Bobby compiled in mid-early 2000s. (11×17) size.

Mask of Darkness: An Occult History of Melanin pamphlet by Bobby Hemmitt (21Sep02): ($10)

Melanosis – Cosmic Blueprints by Bobby Hemmitt ($10)
Melanosis – Cosmic Blueprints is a transcript of a two-hour interview…

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Rise of Boat of 1,000,000 Years (Magikal Diary of the Gods) ft. Bobby Hemmitt Rev. Clemson Brown TAP Prod. Brooklyn, NY
16Mar96 Pt. 1/4

ORIGINAL, AUTHENTIC, AUTHORIZED Bobby Hemmitt video collection.

Bobby Hemmitt | Rise of the Boat of 1,000,000 Years (Magikal Diaries) Pt. 1of4