Looking for ways of producing more food at home? Have kids at home in need of some learning activities? Regardless of your age, there’s never been a better time to learn a new skill. 1:22 Jerry shows how to grow nutritionally dense sprouts in your kitchen – it’s fast, easy and a great way of getting kids involved with food production!

Materials Required

00:41 Organic seeds – these can be purchased in bulk from health food distributors. (DON’T use seeds that have been packaged for growing in the garden, they are likely treated with preservatives, fungicides or drying agents. Jerry uses quinoa, alfalfa, adzuki bean, chia, pumpkin, radish, mung bean and sesame.)
Commercial sprout kit or sterilised jars
Gauze, flyscreen or shadecloth off cuts (to cover jars)
Rubber bands
Dish drainer or similar


1:22 Soak seeds in water overnight. This will remove any naturally occurring growth inhibitors.
Thoroughly rinse seeds.
Spoon a tablespoon or two of the seeds sterilised jars. (One jar per seed type.)
1:54 Cover top of jars with gauze, and secure with rubber band.
2:15 Place jars at 45-degree angle into dish drainer, gauze-side down. (This allows excess moisture to drain away.)
Place dish drainer with jars in a warm, sunny position. (Sunlight is not necessary, but will speed up the sprout growing process.)
2:38 Rinse seeds in jar and drain at least once per day. This prevents the build-up of bacteria that may impact the success of your sprouts.

2:51 * If your sprouts show signs of bacteria, mould or emit a foul odour, they should not be eaten as they may be harmful.

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