Melanin Wars by Dr. Delbert Blair Pt. 1/2 Filmed by Bert Lockett, AIC
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“Dr. Delbert Blair is an engineer, research scientist, meta-physics teacher and historian of the highest level. For over 50 years he has been the director of the Meta Center in Chicago since 1973, a former pastor of his own church and has lectured and answered questions in over 200 forums on various topics like: ‘Earth’s Ultimate Prize’, ‘Metaphysical Analysis of Coming Catastrophies’, ‘ConTrails & Chem Trails’, ‘On ‘Round Midnight’, ‘Melanin Wars’, ‘The Womb-Man’, ‘NWO on Planet Earth’, ‘The Man, Woman, and Child’ lectures, ‘Bloodline of the Gods’, ‘Atlantis, the Lost Continent’ and much, much more.

Dr. Delbert Blair is a very informative presenter and this is why it is not hard to figure out why he was #1 on an unnamed hit list. Dr. Blair received many death threats; including being poisoned which resulted in his beloved wife’s untimely death.

The Late/Great Dr. Delbert Blair passed on the morning of 01/31/2016 at 8:43a.m. This Great man has awakened hundreds of thousands of people all around the world. In his memory we can all honor him by rising to our highest vibration internally, and expressing the highest thoughts externally.”

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Melanin Wars by Dr. Delbert Blair part 1/2