Today’s video is all about a very simple and effective plant feed recipe that can easily be adapted for any crop. JADAM Liquid Fertiliser is a fantastic low-cost resource that any gardener can use at any scale they wish, and this is the complete introduction to getting started with it, and I hope from this video you will see how simple it is. Liquid feeds/amendments should always be seen as supplementation for plants, helping them get access to nutrients they make be struggling to get a hold of. Stay tuned for growing trials I will be doing using this and other types of feed, but I love the simplicity and versatility of this one.

Dilution ratios (approximate):
2 weeks 1:30
1month 1:50
3months 1:100
6months 1:200
1 year 1:400/1:500

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0:00 Intro
0:16 Our Challenges
1:22 Ingredients
2:30 JADAM Liquid Fertiliser
2:50 JADAM Teachings
4:18 Optimum Liquid Amendment
4:46 The Trick to creating a high quality feed
5:10 One Caveat
5:25 Group Specific Amendments
5:45 JLF Recipe & Method
6:40 Dilution Ratio
7:14 How to Use
7:36 More Traditional Feeds
8:06 Maintaining your JLF
8:46 The Smell
9:08 JLF to rely on
9:32 Transplanting with JLF
10:13 Nutrient bank now
10:39 Outro

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