Once upon a time poor people in the city couldnt find places to get healthy fruits and veggies. People were sick and dying from diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other types of diet related illness. Everyday, they would struggle to find rides to the grocery store or they would have to settle for the unhealthy foodlike substances in the corner stores in their neighborhood.

One day members of the community decided to start gardening on vacant lots scattered around their community. At first they just grew food they liked to eat and later realized they could sell food as well The gardens grew and grew and soon turned into farms. The community grew so much food on the farms they were able to make products from what they grew. Eventually they were able to sell veggies to restaurants, schools, hospitals and to the grocery stores in the more affluent parts of their city.

Before they knew it, their own neighborhood was beautiful because they were no longer poor. Community members started businesses related to the food they produced locally. There were farmers, chefs, beauty and bodycare product makers, food trucks, farmers market managers, caterers, landscape designers, artisan food craftsfolk, local beer and wine makers, composters and even a co-op grocery store that sold the food they produced and employed people from the community. Everyone was so happy because they were able to look back at their efforts and say with pride; “We changed our own community!”

The end