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In this video, I have captured the last day of the one-month PIA (permaculture in action) internship at the Greening the Desert site in Jordan, and participants are still engaged in the work. Chop-and-drop mulching is still happening, as are irrigation repairs and other chores, like cutting neem. Mulch is on everything now, and the chopping has opened the landscape up at the right time, as temperatures are reducing and evaporation follows. The site has been designed to operate this way, and every year there is more mulch. The system is such that forest falls (is chopped) with strategic timing, and the forest grows on the fallen forest. Cut up branches sit atop green mulch, which is covered with compost around the trees. Groundcovers are establishing well now, and the citrus trees are looking healthy. The organic matter within the system has been completely reassembled so that the forest thrives to the best of its ability.

The first return of surplus to any well-designed system intending to increase soil quality and quantity should be organic matter and that is true in any climate or landscape. This is a practical expression of the third ethic of permaculture, in biological terms. If you have this approach to your designing and establishment of permaculture systems you will go further and faster towards stability, fertility, and productivity.

To all those involved with this project, and the many volunteers who have helped along the way – thank you.

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