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In Aquaponics the plants have a constant supply of water and nutrients. Therefore, growing food in Aquaponics can produce a huge quantity of vegetables but some environmental factors have a massive impact on the crop production. Indeed plants need water and nutrients to grow but they also need light and an appropriate temperature.
A Competition for light
Generally speaking there is a natural competition for light between the plants in a garden. The plants are growing in high trying to catch the most sunlight possible while the small or younger plants remain in the shade. The growth is therefore limited by the quantity of light available to the plants. In a Greenhouse the sunrays are going through a plastic (polycarbonate…) or glass wall that often diffuse the sunrays in a more diffuse light, making it more available to all plants height and limiting the high competition. The small plants will therefore grow much better and the general shape of the plants will be stronger and more productive. This is a significant advantage of the greenhouse aquaponics system.

An improved temperature profile
Temperature is often the limiting factor in aquaponics. Plants and fish metabolism is directly dependant of the temperature of their environment which means that when the temperature is in the lower end of their thermal preferendum, the growth will decrease. On the other side when the temperature is at the optimum, their growth will increase significantly and the general production of the aquaponics system will increase.
How a greenhouse increase the temperature of the system
When the sun ray penetrate through the greenhouse it is absorbed and the heat remain in this “closed” environment.
Watch out for the big heat!
If the greenhouse effect is an advantage when we want to raise the temperature be careful as it can also be a treat in summer. If the temperature outdoor is already high, the temperature inside a classic greenhouse can very quickly increase and reach 50+oC which would be a disaster for both the fish and the vegetables
The classic ways to regulate the greenhouse temperature
A number of possibilities are available in order to keep your greenhouse temperature below the critical high limit.
The most common is to manually open some windows and doors in order to allow the air to circulate.
Some specific systems automatically open the windows and doors when the temperature reach a maximum limit.
Fans can also be placed and turned on (manually or automatically when the temperature reach the pre-set limit). This method is used in most commercial aquaponics greenhouse.
A very interesting way to keep the greenhouse temperature slightly higher in winter is to keep the chicken coop in or next to the greenhouse so the heat of the animals is kept into the greenhouse and the animals avoid to be exposed to the cold nights of winter.
Passive solar aquaponics greenhouse
Solar systems allow to heat the greenhouse and regulate the temperature without using receiving the electricity bill at the end of the month but more interesting, combining a solar system with the 2 methods detailed below will make your production completely ecofriendly!
Geothermal system
A very interesting way of regulating the greenhouse temperature is to use the ground thermal inertia to keep the temperature cool during the day and keep it high during the night. The principle is very simple, during the day when the temperature get warm, some of the hot air is blown into pipes buried into the ground…
Compost heater…
Design of the Aquaponics system into the greenhouse…
Efficiency, material and lifetime…
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