Neversink Farm in NY grosses $350,000 on farming 1.5 acres (area in production). ?Learn more on the podcast ?

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FAQ about this video:

1.5 acres, really?

Yes, Neversink Farm has 1.5 acres in production at the time of this filming. Meaning 1.5 acres are worked intensively to grow vegetables for profit. The total farm size is larger than 1.5 acres when you count wooded areas, the driveways, the house, the yard, the barn, and other open space.

Is their farm profitable?

Of course, it is profitable or else they wouldn’t do it and they wouldn’t still be in business. Profit margins on most small scale vegetable operations are around 30-60%, the variable is how much of that get’s spent to grow the farm by reinvesting that on infrastructure. So you could expect that they net between $175,000 and $0 depending on their goals and other tax considerations.

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