Garlic is one of the most fantastic crops we can grow in our vegetable gardens, and this video shows you how to grow your own garlic at home or at your allotment and enjoy a huge harvest from it! Growing garlic is easy, requires little maintenance and is highly-productive, and autumn and winter are the perfect time to plant garlic. You will learn the different types of garlic, the best time to plant garlic, dealing with garlic issues, when to harvest garlic, how to cure garlic, becoming self sufficient in garlic and lots more!

Green Garlic Recipes:

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Introduction 0:00
3 Things You Must Know 0:04
When to Plant Garlic 0:29
The Different Garlic Types 0:54
Prepping the Bed 2:13
How to Plant Garlic 2:27
Easy Way to Increase Yields 3:04
After Planting Care 3:40
Garlic Disease & Control 3:58
Garlic Watering Tip 4:58
The Different Garlic Harvests 5:10
Best Crop to Plant After Garlic 6:00
How To Cure Garlic 6:22
Additional Garlic Storage Idea 7:11
Being Self Sufficient in Garlic 7:24

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