Grow Peaches Not Leaves! Take your peach tree production to the next level with these 4 simple steps to prune your peach trees! Packed with simple-to-understand info, and hands-on techniques to allow you to consistently get fruit from your peach trees.

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00:00 – Intro
00:14 – What Leads to Healthy Productive Trees, and Last Years Harvest
00:25 – The Most Productive Form Form Peach Trees to Grow in
01:00 – Where Peaches Produce Fruit and the Best Fruiting Wood
01:30 – Step 1 Remove Diseased or Damaged Branches
02:01 – Step 2 Maintain Open Center Form
03:23 – Tuck Update
03:48 – Peach Pruning Compared to Apple Pruning
04:29 – Step 3 Control the Size and Height of the Tree
06:00 – Step 4 Reduce Crop Load by Removing Weak Branches
07:38 – Detailed Walkthrough of Pruning a Whole Scaffold
10:02 – Pruning the Whole Peach Tree Following Previous Principles
10:45 – How to Prune a Young Peach Tree
12:04 – The Final Product
12:28 – Outro