Welcome back to HuwsNursery. Today’s video is about saving money through growing high-value crops which are crops that cost a lot in the shop. This video will be focused on the easy high-value crops to grow and I will be using Swiss Chard as an example. I hope you enjoy this video and please expand this description box for more information…
Formula for working out the minimum you can save:
1) Find the cost of selected crop per Kilogram or Pound (For example £7.50kg / $3.40Ib)
2) How much a seed packet costs (£1.40 / $2)
3) Work out 40% of the seed count (200 x 0.4 = 80) – Estimated percentage which will grow and produce a crop
4) Find out average crop yield (250g / 9oz)
5) Multiply the average crop yield by how many plants have grown (250g x 80 = 20kg)
6) Finally multiply the total crop yield by how much it costs for the same unit of measurement (20kg x £7.50 = £150

Further reading (Will vary across the globe):


Flickr CC images: https://www.flickr.com/photos/krossbow/7355348630/in/photolist-9X1S7v-hVj8T8-p9QPw5-prj4qj-p9Qx6i-55Sqra-phdHbq-ccY5TG-bpX2N1-dUydok-7mVFGZ-8ui3AP-a4kZHD-6RQZuP-pfdMmL-bBPzMS-pfpQ6-oZKxKt-arwhfo-oHKWaL-8gkwAs-6SQQ4j-e1Ea9S-cM1t9Q-6MZf4p-e6WdRg-6qoi2R-e1EjW5-e3quRE-oRjjbo-6KsvJu-8QnKZ3-6qpyMN-HsC7a-553X8a-5dcxM4-ugNtb-cVFHGq-akSeVt-akV4Cf-akV2XL-akV5k7-akV2rw-8SfVsA-6UzSw-553XhM-fvRJZE-act1Ch-7TtGmY-33jM4k

Swiss Chard Rainbow
Late Peas and Swiss Chard
Rainbow swiss chard

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