Hugh Lovel is the author of “A Biodynamic Farm for Growing Wholesome Food” and “Quantum Agriculture: Biodynamics and Beyond”. His articles appear in Acres USA and related organic farming periodicals such as Acres Australia and biodynamic journals around the world. Hugh is a farmer and an international consultant to dairy farms, graziers, broad-acre grain growers, and fruit and vegetable producers. As a multidisciplinary scientist, he has introduced comprehensive soil testing using both the Albrecht approach and a total acid digest test that more clearly reveals what is actually present in soils. Above all Hugh has been a leading pioneer of the new science of quantum agriculture. Quantum agriculture is a four-fold farming system first developed by Hugh Lovel in 1986 as a research project for Union Agricultural Institute in Blairsville, Georgia. This system is being used by thousands of farmers around the globe.
Learn how agriculture works in harmony with nature and how to improve yields, reduce cultivation, eliminate weeds, pests, and diseases and improve crop responses to weather while harvesting both carbon dioxide and nitrogen from the atmosphere and building these into the humus in our soils. In part 15, Hugh talks about and shows us his biodynamic avocados, ginger, zucchinis and other crops he has grown and goes on to describe the biodynamic preparations in detail, their uses, and benefits.
We are so grateful for our time with Hugh on the Living Web Farms and his great wisdom in so many ways. Hugh passed away in 2020. His teaching will live on in this video and others. Please share.