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Video description
Looking for an amazing looking flood and drain growbed aquaponics system? Then this video/article is for you. Here I will introduce the “Ecoflex” aquaponics system series. After years of trials on a multitude of designs I came up with a unique way of designing the setup that is both functional and aesthetic.
From a conceptual perspective those setups are very simple. They are composed of a fish tank on the bottom and a grow bed on top. The fish tank is equipped with a little water pump. The growbed contains a bell siphon allowing the water to flood and drain.
Those tanks are designed in 50mm thick lined cypress pine wood. Cypress pine is a very resistant material. It can be exposed to moisture and will keep its strength over time.
I also use a very specific technique to assemble the sleepers without visible screws which gives a unique finished style.
The aim of those aquaponics systems is to offer an astonishing style and bring harmony and positive energies in the backyard. The aquaponics system is a real feature. If you build such setup you will be very proud to show it to your friends when they visit you. There is nothing as rewarding as collecting food from a homemade amazing looking setup.
On top of being a water feature and being very productive, this setup is also a bench. The top of the fish tank is covered with a wood bench. The functions are multiple:
•Physically protect your fish from predators
•Avoid the fish to jump out of the system
•Avoid algae development
You can simply spend quality time drinking a juice on your aquaponics bench, surrounded by the ecosystem. Admiring and discovering the insect biodiversity between the plants and enjoying the birds feeding around.
To improve the general aesthetic of the setup I “dress” (thanks to a planer) the cypress sleepers. It gives them a unique finish and transform the appearance in a real furniture. I sometimes oil the boards in order to keep the light tint of the wood. If you don’t oil it, the wood will turn grey which is also enjoyable.
On the side of the growbed I also attach a bench fixation. It allows to keep the bench open and therefore to have direct access to the fish. I often keep the ponds open for several days in order to give light to the fish. I close the bench at night and when the sun is strong in order to manage any algae development.
If you are keeping the aquaponics system in an environment with children, I recommend to equip your fish tank with a lock that will allow you to control fish tank access and to avoid any accident with the kids.
You can now use the aquaponics setup as a support to teach your kids about biology, math, physic, chemistry…You will also be able to feed your family with healthy and tasty food grown in your backyard 
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