Mexican pickled carrots are a perfect topping or garnish with any of your favorite Mexican meals. They’re perfectly crisp and just the right amount of heat!🌟CLICK TO SEE MORE🌟

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*This recipe makes about 40oz, I filled one 32oz jar and one 8oz jar.

** As you can see in the video, I sliced the onions into coins. But I also like to slice them into diagonal slices. It doesn’t really matter. But keep in mind that the larger sizes may require more jar space or a little bit more brine.
If you need more brine just double boil a bit more until you have enough to cover the carrots.
On occasions I’ve needed up to 2 cups vinegar and 3 cups water.

***Sautéing Time
If you slice the carrots into diagonal pieces or larger slices they may require a bit more sautéing time. Simply pay attention to how tender or crispy they are and how you want them to be. Some people like them crispier and others a bit softer. It’s up to you!

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