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Organizers Slated to Launch Housing Initiative for Aging Civil Rights Activists

ATLANTA – January 14, 2022- On January 17, 2022, the 93rd Birthday commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a significant alliance in the grassroots community plans to launch its latest endeavor. Social justice organization FTP Movement is once again setting it’s sights on the issue of “Food, Clothes and Shelter”. Known for its work around urban survival and preparedness, FTP Movement is moving further into the humanitarian sector by serving those who serve. So many civil rights and human rights activists have dedicated their lives to “building a better world”, a world that respects humanity and life in general; a world free of hunger, racism, bigotry and injustice. Too often aging activists have fallen by the wayside, been rendered homeless, disregarded and in many cases, forgotten. The question we are left to face is, “Who will fight for the fighters”?

The Atlanta based FTP Movement has partnered with Richmond, VA based Happily Natural Day (who will operate as fiscal sponsors) to purchase what will be known as Liberation Houses. Liberation Housing will serve as transitional & wellness habitations for veteran civil rights activists. These transitional houses are designed to provide temporary shelter and promote wellness and independence by providing supportive residential and outreach programs with a mission to aid the veteran organizers in regaining valuable and meaningful roles in the community while supplying them with much needed essentials and dire assistance. “During the decades in which I have served as a community organizer, the reoccurring scenario has been that in many cases, veteran freedom fighters who have devoted their lives are left destitute without any benefits” said Kalonji Changa, Founder/National Coordinator of the FTP Movement.

The goal of the Liberation Houses is to offer shared housing cooperatives with a safe and restful environment and living experience. The occupant capacity will depend on the size of each particular house or building. Ideally, each location will be equipped with an organic fruit and vegetable garden and community spaces for resident functions as well as classes on agriculture, healthy relationships, personal finance, and health. It is a labor of love and a work in progress however, they are determined to make sure their community elders are comforted, loved and respected for their efforts.

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