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Taught by Taylor Walker of Green Dreams, an experienced Permaculture designer, horticulturalist, and educator. Taylor has hosted many classes at, botanical gardens, extension offices, universities and various interest groups.

This talk covers perennial vegetable gardening in the subtropics and tropics. Forget growing most of your traditional “grocery store vegetables” many of these will not tolerate the intense rains, humidity, heat, and pest pressure of the tropics and subtropics.

We will learn about growing, propagating, selling, and using highly nutritious and versatile crops selected from subtropical locations around the world. We will cover plants ranging from Cassava, Yams, Chaya, Moringa, Sweet Potato, Jackfruit, Longevity Spinach, Bamboo, Tumeric, Lemongrass, and many more.

Presented by Taylor Walker at PV3.