The spring and summer months are perfect for planting your most favorite herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

The Spring/Summer Harvest Seed Bank offers excellent variety and value. Consisting of 100% non-genetically modified seeds and everything you need to grow them. With over 20 popular varieties included, this seed bank is your #1 seed bank of choice for seeds that thrive in spring and summer temps.

What’s Included:

  • 20 popular varieties of hardy & easy-to-grow spring/summer varieties.
  • All seeds are 100% GMO-FREE, Non-Hybrid, & Open-Pollinated
  • Huge value. Stored in a Mylar bag for long-term storage.
  • Seeds are individually packaged and labeled in resealable bags and then secured in a Mylar bag, which provides two layers of protection from moisture and light.
  • BONUS! We’re including 25 Seed Starting pellets so you can start your seeds indoors!

The Spring/Summer Seed Bank comes stocked with all of the following varieties:

1. Arugula – Roquette 
(Appx. 2,000 seeds)     

This Arugula variety is an easy-to-grow green that adds a tangy, peppery flavor to salads. Plant in the spring and again in the fall.

Use only young leaves when about 2 to 3 inches long.

Only takes about 40 days to mature!

2. Basil – Classic Genovese 
(Appx. 1,000 seeds)

This classic Genovese Basil variety is a sweet basil prized for its spicy flavor and wonderful aroma.

These fragrant plants grow 18-24″.

This is the variety of choice for making pesto and adding to pizzas.

3. Bean (Bush) – Contender 
(Appx. 200 seeds)

One of the best bush beans – ever!  Ideal for short growing cool seasons.

– Beans are 6 to 8 inches long and slightly curved with distinct flavor

– Productive stringless variety is good for canning, freezing or eating fresh from the garden

   4. Bean (Pole) – Kentucky Wonder (Appx. 120 seeds)

The Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean is one of the oldest and most widely used bean varieties ever grown.

Produces bright green, 8″ stringless pods.  Extremely flavorful and full of flavorful brown seeds.

Climbs freely on a vine and produces quickly and will continue to grow until frost.

5. Chives – Classic 
(Appx. 1,000 seeds)

Narrow, grass-like leaves have mild onion-like flavor.

   6. Cilantro (aka Coriander) – Slow Bolt (Appx. 490 seeds)

This slow-bolting strain is grown primarily for its broad, deep green, celery-like, pungent foliage.

Used in many culinary dished. Use seed to flavor meats, pickles and baked goods.

  7. Cucumber – Tendergreen (Appx. 150 seeds)

The Tendergreen Burpless cucumber variety is extremely sweet and tender. – Produces medium sized green fruits – Pick when they grow to 8″ – Also used for pickling if picked less than 8″.

8. Cucumber – Space Master (Appx. 100 seeds)

Plant has short vines. This compact cucumber plant produces excellent yields of green cucumbers.

Perfect for small gardens with limited space.

  9. Eggplant – Florida Market (Appx. 180 seeds)

This plant will produce excellent yields of dark purple eggplants in the shape of teardrops.

The plants are strong and especially good for market growers.

Excellent for baking, slicing, and more!

   10. Lettuce – Salad Bowl Mix, Green (Appx. 600 seeds)

The Green Salad Bowl Mix is a really easy-to-grow lettuce variety. Extremely flavorful greens.

Continues to grow as picked. As outer leaves are picked, inner leaves keep growing.

Excellent addition for salads and garnishes.

  11. Lettuce – All Year Round (Appx. 1,000 seeds)

The ‘All Year Round’ lettuce is a classic Butterhead lettuce, with medium sized loosely formed heads and soft, buttery-textured green leaves. Day to Maturity | 65 days

    12. Melon – Honey Rock (Appx. 100 seeds)

Honey rock melon produces a very sweet and delicious fruit that matures to six 6″ in diameter.  One of our best sellers!

    13. Pea – Sugar Ann (Appx. 125 seeds)

Sweet “snap peas” are great fresh from the garden, with dips and salads. Also great steamed or stir-fried.

Peas grow on 24-30″ vines that doesn’t need support to grow.

Produces medium sized green peas with 3″ pods.

Excellent flavor and easy to grow.

14. Pepper (Hot) – Cayenne, Red (Appx. 145 seeds)

HOT but delightfully pungent in flavor! – Six inch long, one-half inch thin, green fruits that turn red when mature. – Named after the South American river in Guyana.

   15. Pepper (Hot) – Jalapeno (Appx. 60 seeds)

Slightly larger fruit and taller plant with heavy yield.  This Jalapeno pepper will produce over a long period.

16. Spinach – Bloomsdale 
(Appx. 350 seeds)

Extremely delicious and one of the most popular spinach varieties you can grow in your garden.  Extremely easy to grow.

Spinach has a high nutritional value and is extremely rich in antioxidants, especially when fresh, steamed, or quickly boiled.

17. Squash (aka Zucchini) – Acorn 
(Appx. 100 seeds)

All-America Selections Winner! The Table Queen Squash plant produces large 7″ deep green acorn shaped squash. – Grows as a compact bush size plant (not as a vine) – Extremely flavorful – Dark orange flesh – Excellent sliced, fried, or steamed


18. Tomato – Beefsteak (Appx. 300 seeds)

Very popular large, solid, and meaty tomato variety with small seed cavities.

A great slicer, full of flavor.

Easy to grow.

  19. Tomato – Small Red Cherry (Appx. 185 seeds)

The Small Red Cherry tomato plant produces a lot of small red tomatoes on a tall plant.

Grows 1/2″ small sweet, firm fruits.

Continues to grow for an extended period of time.

Cherry tomatoes have some of the most excellent flavor.

Very easy to grow

20. Watermelon – Sugarbaby 
(Appx. 185 seeds)

Popular and early “Icebox” variety.

Uniform 8″ round watermelon.

Fruits can weigh up to appx. 8 – 12 lb.

Drought resistant variety.