Make an Impression

Depending upon your level of investment, your advertising message will be seen during the festival itself or during its entire year-round promotional period. We’re targeting families and young people who are actively interested and involved in natural hair care, sustainable agriculture, holistic health, cultural awareness and music – and that is a significant portion of the African American community. This targeted audience will see your message in a dynamic, unique and attentive environment that will add to your marketing efforts in a dynamic and authentic way.

1. Sponsorship provides opportunities for embedded advertising, a fail-safe delivery system where messages are incorporated right into the action.

2. Sponsorship is a direct channel of communication. It reaches people in an environment that matches their lifestyle rather than intrudes upon it. Sponsorship speaks to the public, not at them, creating opportunities for two-way dialogue.

3. Consumers are now demanding to know where a company stands on social issues before they purchase its products. Sponsorship allows companies to demonstrate community responsibility.

Happily Natural provides companies with unique opportunities to engage the African American market while exhibiting their dedication to social responsibility, literacy, arts, cultural awareness and education.

Our marketing program has strengthened each year with a wider and wider range being reached through print, web and radio media. Happily Natural Day appeals to  a wide and diverse audience because of it deep roots in black social justice across the Southeast. Happily Natural Day artists, professionals & scholars who are dedicated to social change through not only their words but through their words, deeds, and actions present at the festival connecting patrons to real world opportunities to create change in their communities in real time.

At our festivals, you find aficionados of spoken word, specialists in natural hair care, activists, organic farmers, spiritual teachers, students, children, entrepreneurs, politicians, musicians, visual artists, from as far north as New York City and as far south as Miami. Our flyers & posters have reached walls of restaurants, black-owned bookstores & culture shops in London, UK, Brooklyn NY, Atlanta GA, Richmond, Tidewater, DC, Philly PA and Baltimore MD and the response from these areas have been tremendous.

With your support we can reach an even wider audience, your financial, in-kind, and volunteer contributions will allow us the opportunity to finance even greater print, radio & web promotions for Happily Natural Day, secure lodging & transportation for lecturers and artists, allow for a larger festival space through the use of outdoor tents for vendors & provide staging plus sound equipment for musicians to perform during the day. Through the spirit of our ancestors that fought to raise our consciousness and free our bodies, minds, and souls we use Happily Natural Day to reach & bridge the gaps in the black community and invite those who feel the spirit of the ancestors calling, to join the movement to reclaim, reawaken, and resurrect the collective greatness of Afrikan people worldwide.