Rear cover notes: “‘You can make a whole lot more than that, providing you’re a good manager and really use your head,’ Booker T. Whatley says, matter-of-factly. ‘I’d say that one of these farms, properly run, could gross in the neighborhood of a quarter of a million dollars a year, after it comes into full production.’ Labor and marketing. Those are the keys. They are also the two biggest problems facing any farmer, especially small farmers. Whatley, an internationally known horticulturist from Tuskegee Institute, set out in 1974 to solve those problems. What he came up with is a 10-point plan that lets you: Build a GUARANTEED MARKET for all of your crops; Enjoy year-round, DAILY cash flow; Have full-time, year-round employment. Eliminate middlemen. The crop mix will vary from region to region, but the basics remain the same no matter where you farm. ‘Small farmers have to concentrate on high-value crops,’ Whatley says. ‘The trouble with today’s average small farm is that it’s nothing but a scaled-down big farm. The guy with 25 or 40 acres is doing the same thing as the big boys: planting corn, cotton and soybeans. He can’t afford to! Costs are too high. Returns are way too low.’ Whether you’re a farmer who wants to diversify crops and income sources…One of the growing number of people who want to change careers and earn a good living off a little land…Or just thinking about a small farm to keep you active and provide a comfortable retirement income…This book is for you! Whatley also explains: Where to locate your farm; What to grow; How to ‘weatherproof’ your farm; How to get your customers to do much of the work; How to equip your farm, sensibly and economically. And much, much more! It is a comprehensive guide to all of the farm machinery you’ll need. Contains dozens of case histories of successful – profitable – Whatley-style farms throughout the United States. Plus a wealth of practical, how-to information from real farmers.”