John from visits the Vanacore Family Farm in Vermont. In this episode, you will see how a family farm is using rock dust and compost to grow large, nutritious, strong and healthy fruits, vegetables, herbs, chickens and more.

First, in this episode, John will give you a tour of the Vegetable Garden sharing with you some the experiments that are being done there, as well as a supersized red russian kale plant.

Next, John will head into the apple orchard to share with you how the apple trees are stronger even though they are fully loaded with fruit without the need for 2×4 supports that are used in many orchards.

Finally, John will sit down with Tom Vanacore, who has been involved with rock dust for over 30 years to ask him the following questions regarding rock dust:
15:32 How did you get into rock dust and learn about it?
16:29 What does Rock Dust Local do?
18:26 What are the different types or rock dusts?
22:00 Are all rock dusts created equal? What are the best?
24:42 Why should I use rock dust when everything grows great already?
27:54 What are the problems with using synthetic soluable fertilizers?
31:05 Do you plants really ONLY need 15-20 minerals to grow?
33:42 What is the book Mental and Elemential Nutrients about?
35:35 What do the the rock dust trace minerals do for the plants?

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