The Resiliency Garden Initative

If you are concerned about food security issues during this time and live in the Richmond Region (area code 804), we will build a raised bed for you in your backyard at ZERO cost.

If you do not have a backyard, email us at so we can help you connect to a community garden close to you.

If there isnt a garden close to you – look for a church or city property close to you and message us; we will reach out to them to find out if we can build on their land.

If they say you can’t go outside due to this lock down aka soft launch of martial law or the grocery stores close – we will bring the garden to you so you can grow your own. We also have seedlings and a system for growing them that we will make available to you – plus PDF based resources that you will be given access to learn. This is a movement – inspired by my sister Leah Penniman of SoulFire Farms

If you would like to invest in this work financially – please make a donation. Raised beds on average cost about $75-$100 each including soil, wood and hand tools. As such; if you can afford to support someone else’s raised bed please make a contribution here:

Once scheduled, a member of our organization will be in contact with you to schedule the delivery of your raised bed; subject to access to labor and delivery resources.

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