Join Geoff as he tours the ancient falaj irrigation system of Misfat al Abriyeen, located deep within the Oman Mountains. This ingenious system has a long history, dating back to 500 AD or possibly earlier. It is an incredible example of human innovation and creativity.

What is a Falaj? It is a system where gravity channels water from underground sources to support agriculture and household use. In villages and towns, the management and distribution of water still depend on mutual understanding and community values.

We have the opportunity to learn and grow from systems like these, integrating modern technology and design to enhance our daily lives. By doing so, we would improve the efficiency and sustainability of our food systems, providing more nutritious, affordable, and accessible food for everyone while creating a beautiful environment at the same time.

This video is the second in a series where Geoff takes us on a journey through Oman’s ancient water harvesting and irrigation systems. To follow his adventure, watch the following videos:

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About Geoff:

Geoff is a world-renowned permaculture consultant, designer, and teacher that has established demonstration sites that function as education centers in all the world’s major climates. Geoff has dedicated his life to spreading permaculture design across the globe and inspiring people to take care of the earth, each other and to return the surplus.

About Permaculture:

Permaculture integrates land, resources, people, and the environment through mutually beneficial synergies – imitating the no-waste, closed-loop systems seen in diverse natural systems. Permaculture applies holistic solutions that are applicable in rural and urban contexts and at any scale. It is a multidisciplinary toolbox including agriculture, water harvesting and hydrology, energy, natural building, forestry, waste management, animal systems, aquaculture, appropriate technology, economics, and community development.

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