The wealth gap that exists between the black community and the white community is a by product of slavery, discrimination and racism. These are documentable facts.


The idea that the only way black people are ever able to become wealthy is if white people ALLOW them to do so is perhaps one of the most enslaved thoughts black people can think.

It’s like that back door Carter G. Woodson talks about. You know where he says that if trained and conditioned a miseducated person will go through the back door without even being told to do so. That even if there is no back door he will make one because he has been trained to go through the back door? Yea. Fawk dat shhh mayne.

Look. I am not rich. But my financial aspirations for myself and my family do not in any way equate to what white people will LET me do. My intent plan and desire is for generational wealth for my family, trust funds, an estate that can and will be passed down – and the hard work I am doing to make that happen now – I’ll be damn if it is because I asked for white folks permission.

“Mr. Charlie is it okay if I be wealthy? Please boss?”

Miss me with all that please and thank you.

And everytime you say – this or that black person is wealthy because white folks let him – psychologically you say that in order for you to be wealthy white folks gotta let you and since we live in a racist system they won’t so you will never be wealthy.

Which means black people will always be poor.

Which is a defeatist mind set

Which I don’t rock with at all

We are not the same.