The Southern Conference Education Fund (SCEF) annual dinner held in Louisville honored Ella Baker, who has worked for many years behind the scenes in the civil rights movement. Speakers Anne Braden, Bob Zellner, Stokely Carmichael, H. Rap Brown, Karen Mulloy, and Howard Zinn, and emcee Floyd McKissick speak about Baker’s contribution to the civil rights movement. Ella Baker speaks for the last portion of the broadcast about the importance of SCEF and the need to link the struggles for civil rights and civil liberties, ending poverty, and ending the Vietnam War. She stated that as a society we need to ask what is behind a number of current concerns: the war, urban rioting, black separatism, the recent arrest of Brown on charges of arson and inciting a riot in Cambridge, Maryland, and the trend toward repressive actions against those resisting war, racist repressions, poverty, and those exercising freedom of speech.