John from shares with you what happened to his front yard edible urban food forest vegetable garden in California 10 Years after he started it.

In this episode, you will get an update of everything that has been happening in John’s famous front yard Northern California Garden that was the location where many of his YouTube Organic Garden videos were filmed.

You will hear from John why he has not been talking about or has made any recent videos at his California Garden over the past months.

You will learn how the cedar fence board raised bed garden has lasted after 10 years for using untreated wood.

You will discover why he did not grow a full summer garden this season

You will learn some of the best wild food vegetables you can grow that will grow in drought conditions with little water and without planting

You will discover the best varieties of fruit trees and how to pick the best fruit trees to grow in your specific location.

You will learn the 3 plants you should probably not grow as they will not provide a decent quantity of food for the time and resources they take.

You will learn about the many different varieties of fruits and vegetables that John is growing successfully in Zone 9b with little care at this time.

You will learn how in just 30 days you can be eating the best vegetables out of your garden that tastes great and can improve your health.

You will discover some tubers that can provide a good source of healthy carbohydrates over the winter.

You will learn some soil building tips to ensure you grow the healthiest organic food ever.

After watching this episode, you will get an education about growing food in your front yard from a youtube vegetable gardener who has been making video content for the past 10 years and documenting his journey along the way.

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