John from answers your organic gardening questions.

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02:11 What is the name of your friend that teaches how to heal your vision naturally?
03:06 Can you have some more videos on gardening basics?
05:36 Is it helpful to prune fruits trees and vegetable plants?
08:12 How to Germinate Seeds and Transplant Seedlings?
09:11 Can you take potted vegetable plants indoors in the winter?
10:25 Do you ever grow sweet corn? Do you grow potatoes?
14:05 What should I do with my potted tomato plant so it will thrive?
17:11 Can I leave my grow lights on 24/7 to grow my lettuce?
20:26 What ratio of Azomite to sea minerals in your garden?
22:00 Why does my compost smell?
23:52 I have bugs in my composter. How do I get rid of them?
26:38 Are liquid kelp or Sea minerals better for foliar feeding of microgreens?

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