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Video description
During the last few weeks I did some research and tried to understand what attracts people towards aquaponics. We all have our own perception and some points are very obvious to us. I think it’s interesting to know what others are seeing in Aquaponics and what their specific point of interest are.
The first point raised by all people is that it allows to produce 2 crops (vegetables and fish).
The second point is that the food is produced at home. It highlight the fact that the food is local and is produced where it is consumed.
It includes that the food is sustainable (we avoid all transport), of quality, and reliable (we produce it so we know what we eat).
Unlike most other types of food production, Aquaponics is a poly-culture managed thanks to an ecosystem. It uses natural interactions between living creatures. This is the most sustainable way of producing food.
Also the variety of living creatures in this ecosystem (biodiversity) releases a very wide blend of nutrient available for the plants. It allows the plants to develop the best aromas and nutrients. The food is therefore healthy and very tasty.
This specific type of production doesn’t consume or even allow any type of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. The food produced is therefore clean and healthy.
As opposed to classic gardening, aquaponics doesn’t require to spend time and resources watering. Is consumes 10 times less water than classic garden and aquaculture and the plant have a constant supply of water so you can go on holiday without problem, your garden will stay green  NO COMMITMENT, NO TIME, SUSTAINABLE.

Aquaponics doesn’t require weeding labour. Most Aquaponics setups use raised growbed so very few weeds are able to grow and whenever it happens it is very easy to remove them as the media is not compact and a simple pull will remove the whole plant with the roots. NO HARDWORK, NO TIME
Aquaponics doesn’t require to return the soil. Some people are tired to return the earth of their classic garden and are very happy to use aquaponics as it doesn’t require any back breaking labour. NO HARDWORK, NO TIME

Less obvious:

This is a very good alternative for people who have a very small land. It allows to produce a significant quantity of food on a very small surface (1 square meter can be enough to make a significant difference in your diet if you produce leafy vegetables and drink daily juices). NO LAND, HEALTH, HIGH PRODUCTION.
It brings nature to you! For all people leaving in the city, aquaponics is an excellent way to bring animals in your backyard/terrace/balcony. An aquaponics system is an open ecosystem and the variety of animals linked to this ecosystem is constantly evolving. You will find interesting insects and a multitude of lovely birds coming around.
For most gardeners being outdoor, in contact with the “soil” is very important. Studies proved that the contact with specific bacteria present in the soil can have a very positive effect on our mental health (learn more here: It can explain why we feel so good in contact with nature. The growbed of an aquaponics setup is a bioreactor and holds a very large biomass of bacteria.
Parents see in aquaponics a very good support to help the kids to connect with nature and understand where the food comes from. They study nature and understand what leaving creatures need to survive and how they live together… Aquaponics can also be used by schools to teach biology, mathematic, physics, chemistry, environment, ecosystems, food, cooking lessons.
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