Today’s video shares a way that we can enjoy garlic from our garden around 12 weeks before the main harvest, as well as the 3 main types of harvests we can get from this wonderful crop! I hope that this gives you lots of ideas and helps you have a more strategic approach to growing garlic next season and help make you even more self-sufficient in this crop, and gives you a really luxury ingredient during the hungry gap and already start your second crops of the season in May!

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Intro 0:00
The 3 Garlic Harvests 0:18
Spring planting benefit 1:18
Core Hungry Gap Crop 1:39
Harvesting Tips 2:16
Early Succession Planting 3:02
How to enjoy this garlic 3:25
Heckled by a sheep 5:36
Maximize Yield Planting Method 6:37
Undercover green garlic? 7:10
How to grow garlic 7:46

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