The Happily Natural  Day is a staple Richmond festival that is now in its 19th year, This dynamic summer event highlights a fusion of lifestyle and social responsibility that is surging within the African American community. The integration of entertainment and education that Happily Natural Day exemplifies represents a powerful trend surging within communities of color. Exhibiting provides a unique opportunity for your enterprise to connect with this enormous socially conscious audience in a relevant and authentic way.

Happily Natural Day is an event that promotes love and pride in being of African descent. Festival attendees can participate in workshops, lectures, shop in our african marketplace for one of a kind art, jewelry, body and haircare products & edutain themselves through the socially conscious messages delivered by artists from around the globe.


  1. Proud of their African heritage
  2. Are holistic health & culture enthusiasts
  3. 38% are male
  4. 62% are female
  5. 60% are over 35
  6. 75% say they purchase products based on the quality alone.
  7. More than 20% of Happily Natural Day patrons earn over $50,000 per year
  8. 68% are college graduates
  9. 30% attended Happily Natural Day based on word of mouth alone.

We reserve the right to refuse exhibitors if the business, service or product is not appropriate for Happily Natural Day. Please note that product duplication is a consideration. For instance; we do not have eight vendors all selling shea butter and black soap or 4 vendors all selling hand etched earrings – this allows for each vendor to retain a high level of exclusivity and keeps the marketplace diverse and eclectic.

People who attend Happily Natural Day are looking for natural hair & skin products, original fashion & accessories, DVDs & books, arts & crafts, wellness products, financial planning, community based organizations, alternative health practitioners, healthy food choices & more at this event.

Booth Sizes are 10 feet by 10 feet. Vendors are encouraged to bring a tent and table. To make your experience easy – our team can provide tents and tables for you at an additional cost.